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But all in all the is in fact the best free dating site.

DATING SITE REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10 – Despite the sceptics, Fusion 101 really does offer Christian dating for free and a pretty decent all round matchmaking service and has had many marriages as can be seem from the home page!

I had quite a few disagreements saying their marketing wouldn’t work – even for their own site and sure enough it didn’t.

The Way shortly after was wound up (although the site is still online and now a Charity).

Fusion does indeed have 1000’s members and genuine profiles!

Site Features This is the only down side of the service if you can have such a thing for such a great free service.

I had no Internet experience or cash to put into Fusion so I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I agonised for weeks over using black since Christians might associate it with a non-Christian image but in the end just went ahead as I knew my intentions were to help not to hinder.

Fusion 101 Designed – sept 1999 I designed Fusion101 in a graphics program. The other reason I chose black was because I had no money to advertise Fusion.

At the time I had little choice but to go with them.