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By regularly signing into their network, parents can monitor their young ones' activity.

Ginsberg also encourages parents to connect with their kids' friends.

Facebook's general settings allow non-friends to view your information.

Decide what you're trying to communicate through your online profile and immediately untag yourself in any photos that make you feel uncomfortable.

If you have children, be cautious when posting pictures of them.

Add more photos to your profile so people can see what you look like.

Click Add Photos, then choose where you want to add photos from.

If you don't have a profile, set one up and "friend" your children.

"Parents should definitely connect with their kids and engage in social media with them," Ginsberg says."Make sure they understand what information is safe for them to share," Pash says.Help your kids set up their profiles (or check their settings if they already have one)."I always advise people to run one profile really well.You should never have a profile that is not professional—period," he says. Pare Down Your Personal Information Sure, your birth date isn't your Social Security number, but "the more identifying information you add, the easier it's going to be for someone to use it to gain access to your identity," says Pash.Connecting with friends on Facebook and other social media sites is a popular and fun pastime, but do you know how to protect your privacy online?