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Although I initially began working primarily with children, I have found much success in including the ever changing needs of adults and families.I am a 'teammate' in helping to build and rebuild solid foundations in the lives of those struggling with mental health and addiction concerns.""I have worked in the mental health field since 1992, beginning in Boston, MA moving to Augusta, GA and finally settling in Cleveland, OH.

My tasks as a therapist are to help clients in discerning old patterns,explore feelings,thoughts,behaviors and attitudes and provide therapeutic opportunities for change.""I have been counseling for over 30 years and have provided psychotherapy services to all types of individuals,couples and families.

I understand how difficult it is to first enter counseling and I am committed to making it a successful experience for them. I service Maumee, Toledo, and the surrounding areas.

""**ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS - In person sessions in Akron, OH & Online offered in NY, CT, & OH** Often, my clients fall on two ends of the spectrum when it comes to therapy: they either believe that their problems are too overwhelming to heal or they see their pain as trivial, and wonder why they're struggling so much when they "shouldn't be." Regardless of where you land on the scale, you don't have to be alone in working through your problems.

I believe healing happens when pain is met with compassion.

I have undergone training through the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio and have received supervised training in the model of Gestalt Play Therapy.

I have experience working with children and teenagers through both talk and play therapy and have seen integral change take place through a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship.

""I especially enjoy working with families with school age children who are experiencing challenges related to adoption or other trauma-related issues such as divorce or abuse.

I like to combine parent guidance and support with play therapy for their child. I also enjoy working with children and adolescents who are socially awkward and struggling to be part of a peer group.

"Since each of our clients is unique, we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to counseling.

Our clinicians will propose a care plan after an appropriate assessment.

Additionally, I have provided therapy to adults in all walks of life and have seen individuals leave behind patterns of isolation, co-dependency and victimization and move into lives of authenticity, connection and awareness.""I am a licensed counselor who completed graduate work at Columbia University and Wheaton College.