Ang dating daan vs catholic Live 1on1 web cam

Ben Naluz The funny thing about these Catholics is they never dared to let a Catholic Priest face Bro.

Eli Soriano is afraid to accept their challenge while their teaching have been proven to false so many times in the past.

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(NASB) “Seek from the book of the Lord, and read: Not one of these shall fail; Not one shall lack her mate For my mouth has commanded it, and his Spirit has gathered them.” Isa. 160-200 do we have positive statements as to the authorship of Acts.” Caesarea Philippi, the massive Rock formation before which the Lord Jesus promised St.

(Bag-ong Maayong Balita Biblia) “Susiha ug basaha sa libro sa GINOO: Walay usa kanila nga makulang o mawad-an sa iyang pares. Peter: “You are a rock and on this rock I will build my Church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it.”A neophyte Catholic Apologist named Beltran O. informed me the other day that Ang Dating Daan preacher Eli Soriano, who is now hiding somewhere for rape case of a male victim, lost his constant companion in debates and in public fora, Bro. The viewers of ADD programs will easily remember Willy Santiago as the guy who has special talent in opening the Sacred Scriptures and read it for Soriano.

only a few speak up upon leaving because they know they will be subjected to character assassination and you will be the talk of the town once you said a negative thing about the church.i feel so happy that i had the courage to move out of our house (my family are devout members of this church) and live the life i wanted. i just hope all other members who are having second thoughts research more, and don't be afraid. don't waste your life blind following the teachings of that cult.

Edit: I have been receiving a lot of hate messages recently. Add that to the reasons how i saw a lot of weird things going on.

Kay pagbuot sa GINOO ug siya mismo maoy magtigom kanila.” Isa. It is noticeable that while Soriano was speaking and mentioning a Biblical passage, Bro.

(Magandang Balita Biblia) “Sa aklat ni Yahweh, hanapin ninyo at basahin, At wala isa man sa kanila na mawawala, Bawat isa’y may kaparis, Pagkat ito’y utos ni Yahweh, At siya ang kukupkop sa kanila.” Napakalinaw po na mag kaparis ang aklat ni Yahweh basi narin sa mga Bibliang nag papatotoo sa stand ng Catholic Faith Defenders. Mc Kenzie, Page 67: “It is evident that his is the shortest of the Gospels. Tenney, Page 370: “Matthew is the Gospel of the church, the only Gospel to use the word “church” at all (Matt ; ).” Napakalinaw po mga kapatid na nalaman natin ang authorship ng Acts sa pamamagitan ng Apostolic Tradition, at wala ito sa Chapter at verses ng Biblia; narito an gating mga ebedensya: NIV Compact Dictionary of the Bible by J. Willy was ahead of him in finding the chapter and the verse.

Rey Entila, at inyong makikita ang written summary ng naturang debate: Video#5 Eli Soriano Final Negative Stand Youtube Time Start: Time End: Total Time -Mat. sapagkat ito ay nagpapatunay na may kapares ang Biblia; narito ang mga ebedensya: Isa.

-17 -Tito -Mark 7:7-8(KJV) Tradition of the Jew -Rom.15:4 -1 Cor. (Ang Biblia = Cebuano Translation of King James Version) “Susiha ninyo gikan sa basahon ni Jehova, ug basaha: walay usa niini nga mawala, walay makulangan sa iyang kauban; ka yang akong baba, kini nagsugo na ug ang iyang Espiritu, maoy nagtigum kanila.” Isa.

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