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Angelina Jolie was also rumored to have hooked up with Original Sin co-star Antonio Banderas.According to ibtimes.com, the two started seeing each other in 2000 while Banderas was still married to actress Melanie Griffith.Will Jolie and Depp manage to mend their broken hearts?

We should note that Griffith and Banderas divorced in 2015 after nine years of marriage.Angelina's brother, James, is one of the most significant people in Jolie’s life.The two fell in love in 1999 while filming Pushing Tin.Billy Bob left his fiancée, actress Laura Dern, and married Jolie in 2000.The two, however, will always be remembered for their incest kiss in 2000.

According to uk, due to their bumpy relationship with father Jon Voight and the tragic death of mother Marcheline Bertrand, James and Angelina grew way too close over the years.Angelina is an adventurous person devoted to numerous humanitarian causes and social projects across the globe.At the same time, she is a wild child who’s not afraid to explore her sexuality and inner world.The two lovebirds became notorious for wearing necklaces with each other’s blood.According to uk, Maddox’s adoption in 2002 led to a rift in their love.Although people still talk about power couple Brangelina and their bitter divorce, let’s not forget that talented Jolie has a history of crazy relationships.