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The cause for their break-up might be the fact that Phillippe fathered a child with model Alexis Knapp in July 2011. Dated: July 2005- August 2007Canadian musician Jesse Marchant, popularly known by his stage name JBM, according to Seyfried, was “amazing.” The only bump in the road was that she “fell in love with him too early.” The blonde beauty has called him “special,” despite the fact that the timing for their relationship was very wrong.

Dated: 2002-2006The first boy to win Seyfried’s heart was her colleague, Micah Alberti.

He said, “I’ve met very important people in my life doing films.

Sometimes that had consequences that were just awful for everybody involved. Everybody makes mistakes dating people they work with.” OUCH!

The two met on a “soap opera,” , and even kissed for the first time on the show!

What’s more, she has said that Alberti was her first serious boyfriend.

It is a long time and it was nice to spend time [with her].” So sweet!

star dated in the past, but it was never able to go anywhere because she was still hung up on her ex.They began dating during fall, but broke it off prior to bringing in the New Year together.According to a source, “It just fizzled.” We can see why, what with Joblon being a New York based real estate executive.Their romance reportedly happened in 2008, but she didn’t admit it until 2011. He’s superfunny, but I was too involved with Dom,” she told at the time, “It was mutual. Andrew Joblon is actually an NYC real estate executive, and although their relationship wasn’t one of her longer ones, it seemed that things got hot and heavy between the pair pretty quickly.They were never fully committed.” Amanda eventually opened up about the breakup herself, admitting that the high-profile nature of the relationship played a factor in its demise. Amanda and Andrew were spotted at many star-studded events together while they were dating and, according to an insider, “They were very close.” Unfortunately, the couple amicably split in January 2012.Universal Pictures We’re seriously Ob-SESSED with Amanda Seyfried.