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This plays as oddly as it sounds and it would feel chauvinist and exploitative (breasts are liberally bared) if not directed by a woman otherwise most known for a feminist film (Gas Food Lodging, also starring Skye).You can call this titillative, but few would call it good. From Alexandre Rockwell, the unknown maker of five of Steve Buscemi's most obscure movies, The Wrong Man brings Ted (a role actually written for Buscemi) to Room 404.

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Once just one of fifty employees, Sam (Marc Lawrence) is now the hotel's only staff member and after fifty years of service, he hands his bellhop hat over to Ted (Tim Roth, in his third and, to date, final performance for Tarantino).

Ted's first day on the job is sure an eventful one.

Hollywood was excited by the arrival of up-and-coming filmmakers and none more than Tarantino, who famously rose not from film school or apprenticeship but from a Manhattan Beach video rental shop, where he developed an extensive knowledge and appreciaton of cinema on the giving and accepting of customer recommendations.

Four Rooms establishes its premise in its opening scene.

Tim Roth (Ted the Bellhop), Antonio Banderas (Man), Jennifer Beals (Angela), Paul Calderon (Norman), Sammi Davis (Jezebel), Amanda de Cadenet (Diana), Valeria Golino (Athena), Kathy Griffin (Betty), Marc Lawrence (Sam the Bellhop), Madonna (Elspeth), David Proval (Sigfried), Ione Skye (Eva), Quentin Tarantino (Chester Rush), Lili Taylor (Raven), Marisa Tomei (Margaret), Tamlyn Tomita (Wife), Alicia Witt (Kiva), Lana Mc Kissack (Sarah), Danny Verduzco (Juancho), Patricia Vonne Rodriguez (Corpse), Salma Hayek (TV Dancing Girl), Lawrence Bender (Long Hair Yuppie Scum), Quinn Thomas Hellerman (Baby Bellhop), Unruly Julie Mc Clean (Left Redhead), Laura Rush (Right Redhead), Paul Skemp (Real Theodore), Bruce Willis (Leo - uncredited) Think you know all of Quentin Tarantino's movies?

Sure, you can probably quote Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction extensively. It wouldn't surprise me if you were more familiar than I am with his two Kill Bill movies, his scene in Sin City, and his half of Grindhouse.

This weak opening finds a coven of witches claiming the Honeymoon Suite, where they conspire to resurrect their goddess, a starlet who disappeared decades earlier.

Each of the women (played by the likes of Lili Taylor, Rain Man's Valeria Golino, and a Razzie-winning Madonna) add an essential item to the group's cauldron: virgin's blood, sweat from men's thighs, and so on.

A man (Antonio Banderas, reteaming with Rodriguez a week after wrapping Desperado) Related Reviews: New: Kiss Me Deadly (Criterion Collection Blu-ray) Cedar Rapids happythankyoumoreplease Once Upon a Time in the West 1990s Movies: Bottle Rocket (Criterion) The Usual Suspects (Blu-ray Book) Nixon Enchanted April Hocus Pocus Directed by Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino: Sin City | Produced by Quentin Tarantino: Daltry Calhoun New York, I Love You Fernando Di Leo Crime Collection | Produced by Robert Rodriguez: Predators The Cast of Four Rooms: Tim Roth: Skellig: The Owl Man | Ione Skye: Say Anything...

| Jennifer Beals: Flashdance Antonio Banderas: The Big Bang | Paul Calderon: Gun | Marisa Tomei: Cyrus | Lili Taylor: Brooklyn's Finest : Combustible Edison - "Carnival of Souls", Combustible Edison - "Theme from 'The Tiki Wonder Hour'", Combustible Edison - "Breakfast at Denny's", Combustible Edison - "The Millionaire's Holiday", Combustible Edison - "Spy vs.

Instead of the party that needed ice, he finds a tense scene: a man (Mean Streets' David Proval) wields a gun and a temper as his wife Angela (Flashdance's Jennifer Beals, Rockwell's real wife at the time) is bound and gagged.