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🙂 I know this isn’t really the type of news we usually post but as its pretty quiet right now as everyone is gearing up for the second wedding and the US trip I’ll post it up anyway, take of this what you will!Mollie King is reportedly dating England cricketer Stuart Broad after getting close on twitter.

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Not only did she say reports of her “union” with hunky Aston are a load of cobblers, she also told me of her sadness following her split with Mc Fly dish Dougie Poynter (right).

Frankie told me at the Lee Jeans launch party this week: “It’s inevitable that Aston and me do get pictured together because Rochelle is dating Marvin from JLS. It can be really annoying if you’re falsely linked to other people.” Frankie was clearly in the mood to talk and she admitted that she’s yet to get over Mc Fly boy Dougie Poynter after their split last month. “I know that’s what everyone says but I don’t bulls**t.

Most of the time, if there is a concrete ending in sight (you are returning to your home country, graduating, or moving) couples will “ganbare” on until the end rather than just ending it.

As mentioned before, there are a surprising number of both pregnancies and STDs in Japan.

“It’s already ­happened with all this stuff about us dating – it’s false. And the stuff about me and Calum Best was crap too. “I didn’t think anyone would care about Dougie and I splitting up,” she revealed. We need time apart and that’s what we’re doing now.

“Calum literally sent me a Tweet and that’s where that story came from. I needed to get away from everything so that’s why I took myself off Twitter and had a holiday.Juliane has kindly e-mailed in more links from the girls recent trip to Germany, you can catch them over at Presse Portal and E-Online (Germany) which is a perfect opportunity to use that GCSE you did in German – or if like me you did French, you might struggle to read it!We will obviously do our best to keep everyone outside the UK up to date with what is going on in your country but its difficult for us to get links from non-english speaking countries.Aston Merrygold first graced our screens as a member of boy band JLS on the X Factor, and now he's returning to our Christmas TV on Strictly Come Dancing. It’s another Monday already, where are the days going too? I would like to report lots of new and exciting news, but sadly there isn’t much to report.Once you identify the source, you can take steps to react in a graceful manner.