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Combined with a close look of the newer part of the city, Jerusalem is not to be missed when in Israel!

Continue to an authentic Middle Eastern Lunch The Tower of David // The Western Wall // Via Dolorosa // The Church of the Holy Sepulcher // The Jewish & Christian Quarters // Mishkenot Sha'ananim // The Arab Market & Mamilla outdoor mall // Authentic Middle Eastern Lunch Escape to world’s largest natural spa and world wonder - the Dead Sea.

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The tour begins at the mountain fortress of Masada where breathtaking vistas await.Later, float in the Dead Sea, an intimate utopia of rejuvenation and natural minerals, 400 meters below sea level.still, i slept well the night and enjoyed the breakfast.also the staff was not quite the greatest but super friendly.also it was stifling unpleasant and full, I left immediately and ask from the reception another option so the gave me key for another room, same side room but three double-decker in the room and was three person so it was ok.

the problem was that this room was at the front of busy road -- problem to sleep! I manege to sleep somehow, even one person was snoring.i'd recommend staying at another place, but this one is alright too if you can't find an alternative!I visit this hostel at may 2009, check out at 11 o'clock.The "kitchen" was a small room with a microwave that would get overcrowded if more than two persons entered, the breakfast (just coffee and pastry) was served in another hostel down the street, and the Wi Fi worked only in the shared area. 5bed male dorm was spacious however, to much noise from the Ben Yehuda street so bring earplugs. I stayed here because it was cheap, but at first there are a bunch of sleaze balls that stay here, including one guy who filmed the people coming in and out and even starting arguments with people.By shared area I mean tiny lobby near the reception with some 5 seats that were always occupied. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this horrible place! Try to get the lower bed of the bunk bed, not so stable bunk beds. Ok, so the second night I stayed there I checked out at 11 a.m.Continue to Tabaha and Yardenit, the famous baptismal site located where the Jordan River flows out from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea; Nazareth // Tiberius on the shore of the Sea of Galilee // Tabaha // Yardenit and Capernaum on the Jordan River Visit the Kingdom of Jordan's crowned jewel, Petra, known as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a world heritage site.