Battlefield bad company 2 stats not updating

the wait to spawn and overpowered weapons(such as AK 74 and G3) fustrate you. But in modern warfare 2, the best weapons depend on your play style. Basically, an ISO is a virtual image of the program its been made for. I can give u a key-gen (no virus trust me ) just send your email at [email protected] at [email protected] I'll send it to you in a rar file cause email companys don't allow you to send files :) I know what I am talking about because I have beat the campaign on all modes and play multiplayer all the time. On your account check that you played the Battlefield game pre-Bad Company 2. For the Missle click Left Mouse Button the only way you could have the Machine Gun attached to the U. V is to unlock secondary fire which is the last unlock for vehicles, Right Mouse Button will fire the machine gun.

I have same problem, but i played over 540 hours, i am Level 49 in rankings, 112'000ndst Rank, but on my Home stats of GAME i have Level 1 ? I played for over 3 years first time, never a problem, and now this... I was also told to be patient and my stats will be recovered soon.I logged in today and "POOF" all weapons and stats LOST,,, even if i go INGAME,,, i can't see any RANKS.. I actually looked up my stats through the browser and I still have everything that I had prior to the issues. Since the EA server re-sync monday night I have lost everything. Even if you go in game and play, all the points are not saved.level 1, no stats, i'm frustrated this should never of happened. i've got few acc with stupid ours spent in the game.Beware though, there will always be someone whose stats dwarf even yours!BC2 is one of those shooters whose minutiae can prove endlessly fascinating, and finding the most enjoyable way to wade through the mass of Battlefield Bad Company 2 stats that the game collects while you play can help enhance not only your enjoyment of your triumphs, but also give you an insight into your Bad Company 2 strengths as well as weaknesses.In this category, there are some questions relating to different versions of the game, map packs, the game itself, etc. The player controls four very different characters that meet though the acts of the 'Origami killer'.

I'd have to say battlefield bad company 2 on campaign and Modern warfare 2 in Multiplayer. bfbc has very bad multiplayer that easily gets boring. Heavy Rain includes support for Play Station Move, both the motion and navigation controller. Download an ISO for the game, it's very simple you can probably find a tutorial on the internet somewhere. Buy a controller for the PC and use it for gaming - though this is not required Equally in my preferences I have…

So I guess its the waiting game for now fellas....... I really don't care about my stats as starting from fresh is allways fun, though, now there is only few players in the servers and no xp is being saved, so you can't even level up.

EA do something, that's the best BF for me and i can't play it.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a first person shooter made by EA.

The game is powered by the powerful Frostbite engine.

The Battlefield Bad Company Stats website provides a similar service, and also allows you to create player bookmarks to check your friends’ current statistics with ease.