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Many people enjoy adding the elixir to their water bottle throughout the day and use it as a way to drink more water to stay hydrated.Our ginger elixirs are not medicine or supplements.

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From there, Jake became a reporter at the Eastern Daily Press.Jake enjoys playing football, listening to music and writing about himself in the third person.But then I started the Whole30 during the month of January and I really missed having that turmeric latte before bed.January got pretty cold for us here in Michigan, so there were many nights I really looked forward to enjoying a warm drink before bed.My mom always wheedled me into drinking tea made from a combination of red dates, ginger, and egg (yes, tea with egg..) by extolling the benefits of strengthening the heart and lungs (qi, or internal energy) and increasing oxygen/blood flow to the brain (plus restoring blood for the menstruating half of the population).

She also told me that eating chicken legs would help me jump higher, and that finishing all my veggies would help my hair grow longer/faster, but hey: it worked (to make me finish everything on my plate, that is).

I found it comforting both physically and mentally. But I was making the traditional golden milk sweetened with honey–which is not technically allowed during Whole30… But I just really wanted my turmeric latte before bed.

Soooo I may have blended in a date a time or two when making my turmeric lattes last month in January… I even TRIED making it just plain (no added sweet stuff of any kind) but I found it very unfavorable.

Alright, I don’t really think that is possible for adults but that would be kind of awesome… It’s actually said to be very beneficial to one’s health.

If I were turning different colors based on the foods I was consuming, I would definitely be rotating between green, yellow, and purple these days…ANYWAYS.... Turmeric is high in curcumin, which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

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