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After dismissing her other business ventures and telling Karlie that she needs to be more focused on her music career, Miles asked her about what was going on between her and Benzino.And she responded by saying that they were seeing each other and it was getting serious: Clearly he finds humor in the whole romance between her and Benzino and thinks it’s a joke just like many other people do.

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"Yes I did meet him off-camera and then we developed this relationship.

He's a great guy." She added, "What I was nervous about was..do I say this..reputation in the industry... So that was my worry more than anything and I showed that on-camera." As a budding singer, Karlie's management warned her about getting too close to Benzino, who had a pre-existing reputation as being a ruthless businessman, burning many bridges from his past actions.

Benzino thought about it and then rescinded his offer.

On the show, the two seemed to break up subsequently, but when asked during her interview if the two were currently dating, Karlie Redd said things are still going strong.

He has appeared on the reality television show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, since 2012. Benzino considered Edward De Jesus to be his father figure, especially in the duration of De Jesus's incarceration.

Benzino's siblings include his sister Maureen, who took up medicine to become a medical doctor.

His other sister, Anita Scott-Wilson, studied veterinarian medicine at the Tuskegee Institute for a nine-year period, in order to receive her master's degree.

On June 22, 2019, Benzino was arrested for a bench warrant.

Either way, Karlie posted the side by side comparison photo of their “man parts” on Instagram before quickly deleting it after she got called out for perhaps being a little too old for these antics.

At the beginning of the season, Karlie claimed Antonio Reid, L. Honestly, knowing that Karlie is so pressed to get that hit song that she has been talking about repeatedly since the show first started, it wasn’t surprising that she was all for hooking up with Benzino, probably thinking that he could help her make some significant progress with her career.

Miles said that he had no problem with Karlie dating, as long as it wasn’t Zino she was with because he has made too many enemies over the years in the industry: “It’s cool with you having friends.