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The logic is that if a guy is over 50 and unmarried, there must be something wrong with him. I’ve heard too many stories of good men being taken by dishonest for too many dollars. There are, however, a couple upsides to this place.

Take it or leave it, but if you take it, do so with a grain of salt.I’ll start with a country that has always been an expat favourite: Mexico.Richmond boasts some of the best schools, both elementary and middle, for children about half of the population is made up of other families.If you’re thinking about making the move, check out more information on Richmond here.With so many great cities and neighborhoods to choose from, finding the best places to live in America can be a daunting task.

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Area Vibes reveals the best places to live across the United States of America for 2019.

By assigning a Livability Score out of 100 for each city, Area Vibes ranks more than 35,000 cities and neighborhoods across the United States.

Named one of the best cities for African Americans, Lansing is a community that doesn’t just talk diversity, it embraces it.

On top of that, Lansing’s unemployment rate is currently at its lowest in 15 years and hundreds of thousands of new jobs have been created for the city in recent years.

The Livability Score is created from a unique algorithm that analyzes dozens of characteristics in various different categories, including: amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing and weather.