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The Tor project operates under the principle that "internet users should have private access to an uncensored web." Make sure to read the overview of how Tor works before you start using it, as it addresses specific types of privacy threats (and does so very well).

The Tor browser may perform more slowly than other browsers, given its complicated inner workings, but that drawback should be negligible Free The problem with most mobile messengers is convincing your friends to sign up.

Mozilla makes a big point about how it doesn't collect your data, and we are pleased to see that the app comes with a full complement of security settings—including an option to protect your information from advertisers and a private browsing mode.

Sure there's the all-important profile pages showing off your work experience, and the handy tools for networking, but the service now includes visitor metrics and a newsfeed for a decidedly more social feel.It's also sometimes the only way to chat with a businessperson you're looking to connect with. Free At first, Snapchat was a little dangerous, popular with the hip and the young, and utterly baffling to everyone else.But the odds are that most people you know are already on Facebook.This is handy, because the Facebook Messenger app is fantastic.Most people are probably familiar with Linked In as a service only visited in times of desperation; after being laid off or after a day in the office so bad that you're just not going to take it anymore.

While that might still be true, the Linked In app aims to be a companion to Linked In web service that you check every day.

If this is your first time with an Android device, 100 apps might be overwhelming right off the bat.

Take a look at our list of 10 must-have Android apps instead, to cover all the basics.

We keep this list current, so your suggestions may make it into the next update. For the i OS faithful, check out our roundup of the 100 Best i Phone Apps.

Best Android Browser Apps Best Android Communication Apps Best Android Food Apps Best Android Health & Fitness Apps Best Android Music & Podcast Apps Best Android Productivity Apps Best Android Photo Apps Best Android Reading & News Apps Best Android Security Apps Best Android Shopping Apps Best Android Travel Apps Best Android Utility Apps Best Android Video Streaming Apps Best Android Workplace Apps Free Brave Browser offers a host of features aimed at protecting your security and privacy on the web.

You can even sync settings, history, and tabs with the desktop variant Microsoft Edge allows you to easily sync web pages, bookmarks, and browsing history between your Android device and the Edge browser on your desktop.