Buzzfeed there really is a dating site for everyone

Farmers Only– Standing at the alter: “I, Lauren, take you Farmer Jim and your fifty chicken, 80 cows, and 20 horses…” 2date4love– A site for those who can’t have sex. Sugar Daddie– I don’t think I need to explain this one. You deserve this article: Blendr/Grindr- Straight/Gay sites that shows the geographical distance between you and another Blendr/Grindr user. Ashley Madison– members are matched up with other married people. These users are most often found in bathroom stalls.

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Sounds like a really fun excuse for a single lady party to me! The Big and the Beautiful– Dating for curvy people. Senior Match– Everyone deserves love, even the small percentage of elderly people who are savy enough to find an online dating website. A “Top Model” made the site so it’s got to be good right? Nothing is more romantic than writing HTML code together… Do you have stories from using any of the sites above? Unwittingly being concerned for this trunks link, the years were opened.If we're talking about free stuff, Match is like the free food of dating sites — it's the best. A dating site where users suggest a date for others to accept.

Doesn’t seem like anything is special about this site though. Coffee Meets Bagel– Based off of personality, you’re sent a new guy everyday and are notified via text. Anyone who also enjoys Letters to Young Poet might have my heart. Lauren Schaefer is a nonprofit event planner, comedy improviser, avid blogger and New York City single lady.

Personally, I’ve had luck with Ok Cupid, and it ain’t broke, so I haven’t fixed it. With no matches being based on personality, and the range of men who want to “grab a drink” being wide, I don’t really see how this one can be successful.

But since I’ve stuck with my one solid site, I’ve missed the vast other online dating opportunities that have recently sprouted. Po F (Plenty of Fish)– It isn’t super new but it is new to me! If you are someone who has a book that “defines you”, this could be a brilliant site.

That being said, Tinder is overrated: There are the ads, the inability to swipe backward, and almost The Dating Pool: I give it a four out of five on a REALLY good day, but most days it’s a one.

I’ve meet some really great guys on Tinder, and then there are some who are terribly frightening.

The Nuts and Bolts: It’s easy to use and has a simple interface.