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We are able to value your private number plate as a free-of-charge service.

Please note that there are many 'end dates' that have yet to be identified, but where they are known, they have been included.Equally, this information can only be used as a guide to help narrow down the dating of any particular car.We will liaise with the DVLA and ensure all the relevant documents are completed to make the whole process as efficient and easy as possible for you.Call us on 01 to buy a new DVLA registration number for your vehicle.For an e-check payment, only one item can be purchased at a time.

Being able to shed light on when a car was registered can be a big help when it comes to dating not only old cars and other vehicles, but also photographs that feature older road-registered vehicles.We will ensure that all the relevant paperwork is completed to ensure the transfer procedure is smooth and speedily effected.We offer a 7 Day transfer guarantee on certain number plates we sell (if the one you would like to buy qualifies for this guarantee it will be clearly indicated).However I hope it is of some interest, I've used this information repeatedly to help identify some of the vintage car photos that appear on the site.My thanks to Brian, from Motordata Events Ltd, for providing me with the source information on which this section was assembled, and for him agreeing to it being used on the site.For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.