Chad micheal murray dating

Hilary was dating Joel Madden from "Good Charlotte," but they went their separate ways.

Movies and an 88% "Certified Fresh" approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Murray also appeared in the television film The Lone Ranger where he portrayed the role of Luke Hartman.

His abandonment issues were the main reasons he took the part of Lucas Scott. This led to reports during his career that he had received a nose job.

Murray clarified in a 2004 interview, "I got jumped in a Burger King when I was 18 and had my nose put on the other side of my face. But it wasn't a nose job – I hate the fact that people say it was a nose job!

He portrays Edgar Evernever on The CW show Riverdale (season 3-present).

Murray was born in Buffalo, New York, to Rex Murray, an air traffic controller, and was abandoned by his mother at a young age.The film was a major box office success, earning a total of 0,222,438 in the United States alone.Critics were mostly positive in their reviews of the film, and the film garnered a "B" grade on Yahoo!January 2010 - September 2013"One Tree Hill" star Chad Michael Murray was engaged to his girlfriend of several years Kenzie Dalton.They queitly parted ways in 2013 and the split was made public in September.In 2003, he appeared in television film, Aftermath: A Long Way Home.