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Since we are moving away from a model of conflict to a model of cooperation, it makes sense to re-evaluate the roles of assertive women and obedient women in our society.1. Obedient women tend to have a larger circle of friends.

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Assertive women are better at accumulating resources including money, fame, and material goods.

There is a lot of competition for resources, so it takes an assertive personality to not only acquire those resources, but also to hold on to them.

Unfortunately, if an obedient woman enters into a relationship with a self-centered male, who is also abusive, then she may find herself trapped under his barrage of attacks, with little alternative but to accept it.

In contrast a more assertive woman would have ended the bad relationship early on and saved herself a lot of pain. Obedient women are able to live in greater harmony with the world.

This natural Zen-like quality makes her life more worry free, and frequently leads to greater happiness.

However, as pointed out bycindyvine, this assumes that both people in the relationship care enough for each other that they want to keep mutual hurt to a minimum.

However, because they are more easy going, obedient women can also forge successful relationships with more obedient men. For the most part, they are happy to let others set the agenda, and they are happy to play a role in making that agenda a success.

Assertive women, on the other hand, are likely to clash with assertive men, and as a result, have a smaller number of compatible mates to choose from.3. This does not mean that the obedient woman will just take on a supporting role.

Obedient women are usually better at resolving conflicts and living in harmony with the people around them.

In life, there will be many instances where conflict occurs.

Whenever there is a crisis, she can easily turn to her friends for comfort and support.2. Our prevailing culture is such that men are expected to lead and women are expected to follow.