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Chat rooms can make you feel more confident talking to others and also let you chat with strangers that you can have fun with.Enjoy these private chat rooms and start chatting online today.Even third culture kids and expat children who were born and educated in the UAE don't know Arabic. If you are addressing a female you would say ‘Habeebti’. Hala is considered an informal or slang way to say hello. Despite Arabic being the most widely spoken Semitic language in the world, the preferred language for expats is English. The closest English word to Habeebi/habeebti I've come across is 'buddy' or 'my dear'. If you need help to remember this one, think of it as the equivalent of 'Holla! Gupshup Corner is a place for you, where you can safely login and chat with people from around the globe without compromising your identity.

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