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You know, I did, because to be honest, it was the only time when I sort of got mixed feedback from the coaches.Otherwise, I got pretty positive reviews consistently. It was very important to Christina and it was important to me to show some range.

I had a record deal on Sony a couple years ago, and I was trying to do this classical crossover genre.I got dropped [from the label] right before my record came out, and that really prompted a knee-jerk reaction, feeling like my voice, my music was not good enough.TVLine caught up with Mann to dish the highs and lows of his experience, including a brutal Battle Round, a triumphant dose of Schubert, and that much-buzzed-about tiff between his mentor and fellow coach Adam Levine during the Season 2 finale.TVLINE | Before we dive into your run on , I wanted to talk to you about your previous experiences in the music business.That’s why “The Power of Love” was fantastic, and my final audition [“Because We Believe (Ama Credi E Vai)”] was great, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” wonderful.

At the same time, I fought a little insecurity [going up against] people like Lindsey Pavao, who were so edgy and so cool and singing songs that were currently in the Top 5, or even No. I began thinking, “I’ve got to do something cooler.Ultimately, my goal was, regardless of what the outcome was, to sing things that represented me as an artist, because if I left the show at any point, I wanted it to be so clear who I am and what I want to do.TVLINE | “Viva La Vida” was my least favorite performance of yours. I’m just wondering how you felt it turned out, what your goal was with it, and if you had any worries after you were finished, any fear that you might get eliminated.I contemplated not auditioning at all, but my friends really encouraged me to do it, even though I was missing the wedding.TVLINE | Your Battle Round performance against Monique Benabou was interesting.On paper, it seemed like a mismatch, but she really stepped it up on “The Power of Love.” That was the worst part of the show for me.