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I myself suffer from mild OCD so in a way I can understand her better.

Still, it isn't fun not knowing what kind of thought pattern she is in one day or if she will respond to me intimately.

She is currently in a depressive state, and I mean VERY depressed. She will go through periods of staying up until 4 in the morning or not even sleeping at all.Been sleeping all day for the past three days, won't eat, but she still puts her head on my chest at night and holds me. Making jewelry and organizing her room and not depressed but still having terrible anxiety/OCD.Like anyone else that can relate I deal with all of this because this girl is far more than just a relationship. I honestly know deep down if we didn't make it I could not love again.She is far too important to me and feels like my other half.Then a few days later on she will fall into this depressive state. It's just so tough to tell sometimes, she has diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder as well as OCD and depression.

So as you can see it's VERY hard to know what disorder is causing what symptoms.She says she wants to be with me and grow old, yet she has a fear of commitment.I told her she needs therapy as well in addition to her meds.All of our friends and family are so shocked because we were happy.Only 2 days before his trip he was begging me not to 'dump him' which was something he said regularly. 4 weeks ago my live in boyfriend of 2 years just walked out, he'd just been away to a friend's wedding for 4 nights and all he said was he was worried that he hadn't missed me enough and that that must mean something and he needed space to sort his head out but he knows he loves me so much.