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However, he can't protect her in class from the bloodthirsty Professor Callahan ("Blood In The Water").

Callahan kicks the under-prepared Elle out of class at the suggestion of her classmate Vivienne Kensington, who happens to be Warner's new girlfriend.

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The West End production was nominated for five Laurence Olivier Awards and won three, including the Best New Musical award.

The musical was recorded in September 2007 and aired on MTV in October 2007.

Upon learning that they were both Delta Nu sisters, Brooke then privately tells Elle her alibi: Brooke was getting liposuction, which, if the public finds out, could destroy her fitness empire.

She makes Elle promise not to tell anyone ("Delta Nu Nu Nu").

Throughout the show, no one has faith in Elle Woods, but she manages to surprise them when she defies expectations while staying true to herself.

Legally Blonde premiered in pre-Broadway tryouts in San Francisco, California.The runner-up, Autumn Hurlbert, was Hanks' understudy.The overjoyed girls of UCLA's sorority Delta Nu, led by Margot, Serena, and Pilar, celebrate the engagement that is expected to happen that night of Warner Huntington III to their perky, sweet, and strikingly blonde sorority president, Elle Woods, who is fretting over finding the perfect dress for the occasion ("Omigod You Guys").With help from Delta Nu sister Kate, Elle studies for the LSAT.Instead of writing a personal essay, Elle bursts into the Harvard admission offices backed by a squad of cheerleaders.Once she acquires her dream dress, Elle goes to dinner with Warner, where he tells her that he needs someone more serious and breaks up with her ("Serious").