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'' Having only just split from Jordan Bratman earlier this week, it's perhaps not so shocking that gossip sites and magazines are grasping at possible reasons it didn't work out between Christina Aguilera and her husband.

The most recent development: x17 is reporting - from an anonymous source - that the singer had an open marriage so she could sleep with women, and that she is now dating Samantha Ronson'' is what the article said.

She was born in the upper-class family in Staten Island, New York City, New York of United States of America to mother Shelly Loraine and father Fausto Xavier Aguilera.

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Christina Aguilera has been known to the public not only because of her talents and brilliant voice but also because of her relationships with a lot of famous men.

One of so popular relationships was with Christina Aguilera boyfriend Matt Rutler.

| AM EDT The member of the female idol group Girls Generation and now also a solo artist Tiffany Young earlier had a special appearance on Disneyland's D23 Expo in Anaheim California where she also performed her solo track 'Magnetic Moon' at the D23 Expo.

Christina Aguilera was born Christina MarĂ­a Aguilera on December 18, 1980, and is 38 years old as of early 2019.

They married at an estate in Napa County, California on Nov. ''Bratman, 26, proposed to Grammy-winning singer Aguilera, 23, on holiday at an undisclosed location.

19, 2005 and she gave birth to her son Max Liron Bratman in Jan. The pair have been together for more than two years'' reported BBC. So how is Rutler taking to this news of Aguilera being a lesbian?

Now, he is known as catering food for his love off-set and not as a producer anymore, although these news have not been confirmed yet.

Matt Rutler was born in a small town in New Jersey area.

Christina was interested in singing since her childhood days; she was a little bit lucky too as she was also raised in the musical background.

She made her first stage performance by singing when she was only eight years old.

The singer got involved with Matt Rutler right before she separated with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman, with whom singer was involved in an unhappy marriage.