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"The first time I slept with an older gent was pretty insane.

The whole evening consisted of champagne, good food and a decadent atmosphere.

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I've always had 110% support and if someone did have something bad to say, I would just tell them that I'm looking after myself, so they should concentrate looking after their own self.We're not doing anything wrong and it's nobody else's business.And there's something about grey hair that just really turns me on."I wanted a taste of an indulgent lifestyle, as well as an experienced gent."Sometimes I question whether this is the right thing to be doing, if it's the right way to go.

Maybe it could back fire on me, but if everyone's happy and I'm not putting a gun to their heads and asking to be wined and dined, then I don't think there's anything wrong with it."One day I think I'd like to settle down, and I wouldn't rule out settling down with someone older.I wouldn't be put off unless he was very, very old and it would have implications for having a family.I'm very spontaneous and quite impulsive so I would just go on whatever feels right and makes me feel good."But for the time being, I'm going to be selfish because I want to experience what I want to experience and I can't give someone all of me if I'm still looking for new experiences. There's nothing wrong with being open about what you want, is there?But I didn't take the plunge until a friend of mine suggested I would be perfect for that scene, so I gave it a go.