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Paying off credit cards at a cheap rate is not worth losing a long-term relationship. Personal and debt consolidation loans are different names for the same thing: an unsecured loan that comes with an interest rate based on credit score.

It can be a worthwhile solution for consumers with heavy debt that is spread out over several credit cards.

They restructure the debt, hopefully in a more favorable way for the consumer, but you still end up paying back what you owe.

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Banks, credit unions and online lenders are the main sources for debt consolidation loans, but relatives or friends also can be a source.These loans carry a fixed interest rate, with monthly installments, and usually last from 2-5 years, depending on the amount borrowed.If you don’t, the regular interest rate kicks in and the range in the fall of 2018 was somewhere between 14% and 26% on your balance.Once again, do ALL the math, before deciding this is the right way to eliminate credit card debt.Unsecured loans are those backed only by the borrower's promise to repay.

If you want to go the unsecured loan route, add online lenders to the list of possibilities.

These cards allow you to transfer the balance from all your credit cards and pay them off with no interest for an introductory period ranging from 6-24 months.

To qualify, you will need an excellent credit score (740 or higher) for the best deals (18-24 months at 0% interest) and at least a 680 or higher score to qualify for any of the rest (6-18 months at 0% interest).

Easier to obtain from a lender Higher borrowing amount allotted Lower interest rate Interest may be tax deductible– Longer repayment terms (higher cost in interest over time)– Risk of losing collateral such as house or car No asset risk Shorter repayment term (lower cost in interest over time)– Harder to obtain from a lender (high risk borrower)– Lower borrowing amount allotted– Higher interest rate– No tax benefits There are four major forms of debt consolidation loans: Home equity loans; credit card balance transfers; loans from family or friends; and unsecured personal/debt consolidation loans.

Here is a look at the pros and cons of each type of loan.

The plus side of getting a consolidation loan from a family member or friend is that they are not competing with another lender so they can set the interest rate however low (or high) they want. Whatever the terms, it should be a win/win agreement that serves both sides.