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The Truth in Lending Act requires all that information to be available on every credit card statement.

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Using your equity to pay down debt can eliminate stress and worry and put you on a solid path to financial freedom on your own terms.Plus, you'll enjoy the stability of one fixed monthly payment at a fixed interest rate that's probably much lower than what you're currently paying to multiple creditors.The consolidation loan calculator will compare costs and give you a clear look at how much money you will save with a debt consolidation loan.The average American household with credit card debt in 2018, owed ,654 and paid 16.1% interest on it.Annual Percentage Rate: Common term that describes the interest rate charged for borrowing money. Total number of payments remaining: Number of months left to pay off the balance owed.

It represents the actual cost of the money over the term of the loan. Proposed loan amount: The amount you would borrow to pay off all credit card bills. Debt consolidation loans only work if they offer a lower interest rate and monthly payment than what you currently pay on your credit card debt.Our consolidation calculator does the math for you. The starting point for using the debt consolidation loan calculator is to gather all your credit cards and input the amount you owe, the minimum amount due and the interest rate paid on each card.This allows you to pay off the loan much faster and save much more money.Total number of payments remaining: Number of payments you would make to retire the loan, if you chose to add the monthly savings and monthly payment together.Below is a brief definition of each of the terms used by’s Debt Consolidation Calculator to help you better understand why using a debt consolidation loan could save you time and money.