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Therefore the only thing Christians can do is apply biblical principles to their approach of meeting and marrying a spouse.

The two most common approaches used these days in Christian communities is dating and courting.

Unlike courtship, dating does not involve parents’ consent and does allow physical contact as part of the process. Preferably, it will end in a relationship and a steady arrangement.Old-fashioned people or those looking to experience something different can still resort to old courtship practices.In this article I will define Christian dating and courting, I will discuss the pros and cons to dating and courting, and then I will share my personal beliefs on the most biblical way to date.Neither Courting or Dating Are Commands in the Bible I recently sent out a tweet about a dating article I wrote.It consists of the male showing a fertile female that he is interested in her.

Dating is a modern concept and a way for two people who are interested in each other to get better acquainted.It is a time when they can discover each other in every possible way and in every possible context.Similar to courting, dating gives the young people a chance to make sure that they are the right fit.At the very end I will tell you my thoughts and beliefs. Christian dating is probably the more well-known of the two.The rules of Christian dating are basically the same as secular dating minus anything sinful like premarital sex or living together, which often happen in secular relationships.The rules of courtship are different in all parts of the world.