Creating and updating duplicate databases with rman

of the copied database remains the same as the original database.

creating and updating duplicate databases with rman-47creating and updating duplicate databases with rman-4

The destination host must have access to the RMAN backups required to create the duplicate database. These channels correspond to a server session on the auxiliary instance on the destination host.

For active database duplication, the type of duplication technique used determines which channel performs the principal work.

When active database duplication is performed using image copies, after RMAN establishes a connection with the source database, the source database transfers the required database files to the auxiliary database.

Using image copies may require additional resources on the source database.

The backup sets are transferred over the network to the auxiliary database.

Backup sets can be encrypted for additional security.Specify the encryption algorithm by using the The following example connects to the target database and an auxiliary database using net service names and performs active database duplication.The keystore that contains the encryption key is shared between the target and the auxiliary database.When active database duplication is performed using backup sets, the principal work of duplication is performed by the auxiliary channels.When image copies are used, the primary work is performed by the target channels.A database copy, however, cannot be used in this way: it is not intended for failover scenarios and does is the computer that hosts the duplicate database.