Dating a divorcee

If you date a woman who is still technically married, you are doing a disservice to yourself AND the soon-to-be ex-husband.

Using the intuition in your subconscious can be a powerful tool when your conscious mind doesn’t yet have all the facts.Do your conversations seem to be largely about how AWFUL her ex is?Even if the decision was mutual and the breakup was amicable, it’s likely you still experienced pain over the loss.This was a person whose life became interlaced with your own.Often, this not-so-perfect situation happens to be You may view a recently divorced woman as a walking red flag.

And in some respects, that can be a fair perception.

It can also be natural to want to rebound when your heart is broken.

Conversely, certain people who had felt the end coming for months or even years before an official decision was made to divorce may falsely believe they can dive back into the dating world before papers have been filed.

You don’t want to be judgmental or — even worse — let a good thing slip away.

, intuition is a real and measurable thing (that’s right, you’re NOT just being paranoid).

Is she being deliberately vague when the topic comes up?