Dating anniversary gifts by month

It’s a great learning experience for adults, too, Not only will you learn a few things about wildlife, you will also find relaxation in seeing all the cute beasts there are! No worries, there are definitely inexpensive ways to celebrate that 6 month milestone. Go to a broadway show, visit an opera or even go see a ballet with your partner!

All you need is a lot of pillows, a list of movies you like and a few snacks to munch on. You can pick a specific genre, such as horror movies, and make a theme out of it. It will be a new and beautiful type of entertainment that you can both enjoy. That’s great, because we have the perfect activities for you to do with your partner on your anniversary! Y project or simply painting, creating with your partner is the ultimate bonding experience.

Prepare yourselves for a night of passion with a gift of sexy lingerie or go the sweet route and create a personalized piece of art featuring both your names.Tug at your girlfriend's heart strings with a dazzling piece of jewelry that lets her know she is your beloved sweetheart.You can go to the next major city or even find a hotel/motel in your area!Just getting out of the house is exciting and will bring you two closer together. You don’t have to travel far and wide to show your partner that you love them and the last 6 months you have been together.Set up an appointment at your local spa, for a couples day of therapy.

You can hit the sauna together or partake in a couples massage. Plan for a night on the town and hit all the hottest clubs with your partners!

Whether it’s work or money, it’s just not always ideal to go far away and spend lots of money. That’s the type of stuff you do when you hit that awesome 1 year mark!

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t plan a small getaway with your partner.

Consider it more of a staycation, rather than a vacation.

Plan for one or two nights where the two of you can book a hotel close by where you live.

Celebrating your very first anniversary, which is usually at the 6 month mark, is super exciting and important!