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Our drummer is totally on my side, saying we've got a great dynamic, we all play really well together, and that he doesn't want to take the whole spring training up a new bass player.

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Despite his bandmates' warnings, Nathan begins seriously dating one of his fans.But as the evidence of her past piles up, to prove her innocence, he follows her to the most brutal place on earth: Klokikon - the annual Dethklok fan convention filled with cosplay geeks and homosexual fan art.I have been in a band with my girlfriend for close to 6 years.You just have to keep disagreements within the band/music WITHIN the band/music and not let that affect you afterwards. That being said, we are both super easy-going and are good at shrugging these things off. success story after divorce was the White Stripes.Anybody else got horror stories (or success stories) about dating bandmates (or band-ing with your SOs)?

I'm stressing out, and would love to hear some other stories EDIT: this obviously isn't a bass-only thing, I just really like this community, and wanted to reach out to other bassists UPDATE: Practice actually went really well, little-to-no awkwardness.

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I was offered my place in the band, which I accepted, and we're planning on sticking together!

Good that the drummer's got your back — rhythm section needs to stick together.

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