Dating boys tamil lyrics

The story centers on six youngsters, who experience the downfalls of teenage life.

Boys was simultaneously released in Telugu as well with the same title.

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However, Munna is still in love with Harini and cannot forget her.

He conveys his feelings to her while on a day-out in a resort, but she rejects him.

On hearing the news, Munna and Harini are disowned by their parents.

Munna's friends walk out of their homes too, in a show of solidarity for Munna and Harini.

Although from different backgrounds, all of them have common interests – spending their time smoking, downing alcohol, ogling girls, watching pornography, and complaining about their parents; they have no interest in studies.

Their obsession with sex is such that they even go as far as hiring a prostitute Rani while Munna's parents are out of town, but all of them back out at the last moment.

The teenagers form a band named "Boys", composing modern versions of Tamil devotional songs, and eventually gain recognition.

Soon, they are approached by a Naxalite group to compose songs against the government.

After they are released from prison, the teenagers show more resolve to succeed in their musical career.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, they are finally signed by Sony Music and record their first album.

Saregame Lyrics from Boys Telugu (tollywood) (2003) sung by blaaze, clinton cerejo, lucky ali, vasundhara das.