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They get 5 extra bonus points if they selected a teammate outside their family line. The player grabs sugar cubes from the bowl and stacks them on their Popsicle stick.

(If you’re wanting to encourage mixing in a youth group, you could encourage and then give bonus points for anyone who teams with someone who’s in a different age group.) Turn the scorecards into the game director. The 12 sugar cubes must stay on the stick for 3 seconds. Each team member should pick which hand he or she will be using and put the other behind his or her back. The player must pick up the cotton ball with their nose and then transfer it to the bowl 8-10 feet away.

The whole family will have a blast playing these together. (affiliate links included) Hey check out these mini Halloween apple pies, too! Spider Races – Place plastic spiders on a table and use Halloween straws to blow them across the table. Vampire Teeth – Using those funny plastic vampire teeth in your mouth, pick up as many marshmallows as you can and place them in a bowl. Mouthful of Dirt – Fill a bowl or pumpkin bucket with cocoa pebbles (aka dirt) and small plastic spiders.

My kids ran the games but we also had my parents, and aunts and uncles -who didn’t want to run around doing the activities but like to visit with the participants- run the games.

– Have a basket filled with 6-12 king-sized candy bars or gum for your winning teams to choose from.

Pumpkins on a Gate – Using candy pumpkins and a large craft stick, try to stack the pumpkins on the “gate” in one minute. Witch Pitch – Cut out a big witch hat from poster board and place mini cauldrons on the hat.

Pumpkin Ring Toss – Make green rings with pipe cleaners and toss them onto the stems of small pumpkins.

I sincerely wish that my high school prom could have been spent with my husband as my date.

So I recreated prom night incorporating all the traditional activities and including some more adult appropriate fun. I truly hope that each of you will take a moment to check out our blog and start planning the next date night with your spouse.

I asked my husband to our patio prom by trashing his car (while he was at work) in a traditional sense. We are full of fun ideas to make dating your spouse exciting and fulfilling.

We had our prom pictures taken by a friend, we had a delicious smorgasbord of food for dinner including prom "souvenirs", then we danced the night away on our patio (after I made a quick dress change into something my mother would have never approved of, wink! There is something for everyone on our site of dating wonders!

You CAN do these games outside, but when the temperature rises everyone is happier with some air conditioning.

– Set up your ten challenges in ten different classrooms. Have a person running the game that is familiar with the challenge and has a timer or stopwatch (or smartphone with a stopwatch app).

Supplies needed: a box of sugar cubes, a bowl, lots of Popsicle sticks, a timer and a small table. DEFYING GRAVITY Challenge: A two-man team (each using only one hand) must keep three balloons in the air for 60 seconds without letting them hit the ground. Supplies needed: One cookie per each team ( I just grabbed 2 bags of Chips Ahoy) 1. Lean your head back and place a cookie in the center of the forehead, not touching the eyebrows. TEAR IT UP Challenge: To break the toilet paper by shooting rubber bands at it, within 60 seconds. Tie an empty soda pop can to the end of the toilet paper. Have two people hold each end of the dowel that has the toilet paper roll on it. You are successful if you can break the toilet paper before the time is up. Only one pencil can be thrown at a time and must bounce off the table and then flip into the cup where it must stay. ON THE NOSE Challenge: To move 5 cotton balls with your nose 8-10 feet across the room into a bowl, without using your hands. They win if they can transfer 5 cotton balls to the bowl with their nose in 60 seconds.