Dating for cancer survivor

Be prepared Yet another advantage of being informed about your partner’s medical condition, past and present, is that you will be better prepared in case of an emergency.Even if your partner’s cancer is in remission or he/she is symptom free, there may be occasional bouts of sickness, maybe as a side effect of a medication or brought on by exhaustion.

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I once dated a guy for about two months before he shared that he is diabetic, which didn’t affect my feelings for him. Remember everyone has a story and a wee bit of baggage, including your date.You hope the person has a cute little carry on backpack rather than a huge overstuffed suitcase.I’m not going to settle when I know the right relationship will happen when it’s meant to be. Maybe he’s older, she has dark hair instead of blonde, he isn’t geographically desirable (hello, cars and planes), just got out of a relationship, has a cat, whatever.The point is that if we set our expectations so tight and require a bunch of check boxes, we may miss the right person walking by.For instance it is likely that your partner has to avoid alcohol or certain kinds of foods in future, even if he/she is symptom-free for now.

Arming yourself with all this information will help you to see what dating a cancer survivor involves and if you are prepared to go ahead.

But I compare it to dating someone with kids, diabetes, a sore knee, back issues. Cancer itself can cause anxiety, fear, concern, self-consciousness and more. I’ve met guys on my own, been set up through family and friends (and even some coworkers), tried online dating.

While I consider myself fairly open to meeting all types, I admit I know the qualities and energies that I’m seeking in a match at this point in my life.

And if you know what to do during such an eventuality, it will help both you and your partner.

Be patient Dating a cancer survivor will require you to be patient and understanding with your partner.

I probably share earlier than most because of my commitment to helping others through sharing my cancer story.