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The initial employees who were asked to join were the nucleus of the CDC Cyber-2xx team located in the Advanced Design Lab (ADL) adjacent to the Arden Hills development and manufacturing facility.The ETA Systems team was already in place as it had recently completed the engineering and development of the Star-100, Cyber-203 and Cyber-205.Neil casted about for a name for the new subsidiary and multiple suggestions were considered.

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The irony of the ending was that on the day the doors closed, the sales and marketing organization had reached agreement to sell and deliver over 40 systems to a major organization in Australia.

More irony was spewed when the US Government informed CDC (as there was no ETA Systems) that they were ready to purchase large ETA Systems computer products.

ETA Systems had been terminated over a year prior to the second symposium.

The spin-out of ETA Systems was a resolution to a dilemma built up within CDC.

Since the subsidiary was initially funded solely by CDC, great care was made by the newly formed ETA Systems executives to accommodate requests by CDC executives.

One such request was to provide pseudo-security systems for CDC executives who had hunting and fishing cabins in northern Minnesota (a far cry from supercomputers).

Reception to funding initially was cautionary considering that the company hardware was focused on cryogenically cooled integrated circuitry.

A major concern by potential investors was the technology and only after a total technology failure by a start up company formed by the legendary Gene Amdahl— Trilogy—did ETA Systems get serious investment attention.

Simply stated: CDC, after numerous attempts could not resolve the architecture differences between their mainstream Cyber hardware computer mainframe products and the CDC–Star or Cyber–2xx supercomputer products and the company could not afford two distinctly different organizations within it's dwindling budget. in the supercomputer market and did not wish to exit this industry.

In fact, CDC was encouraged to continue by key government clients.

Paul, MN in return for increasing employment promises.