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After a cancer scare, Ragosa finds that he can no longer tolerate the stresses of his administrator job, and he quits that position in order to pursue his original dream of becoming a doctor.

Meanwhile, TC's and Jordan's relationship quickly escalates, Topher makes his job as Head of Night Shift permanent, Krista, Kenny and a new surgeon become embroiled in a love triangle, and Drew spirals when his boyfriend ends their relationship.

In the season 3 finale, Paul's father returns to the hospital to buy it.

TC's camp gets hit by mortar fire when he attempts to leave, and Paul's father fires Topher due to his way of running the hospital, and most of the staff quits in protest.

It becomes difficult to plan any family activities, maintain healthy communication, and sometimes even a regular sex life.

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Kenny gets engaged to Paul's sister, Drew goes to ranger school, with his husband's blessing, Shannon returns to her clinic on the reservation, Paul goes to Syria, and Scott and Jordan use the program to transform the hospital.

In the end, TC tells Jordan he isn't ready to leave.

Casting announcements began in October 2012, with Eoin Macken first cast in the role of TC Callahan, a doctor who has recently returned from the army who constantly disagrees with his superiors and does things his own way.

Ken Leung and Jeananne Goossen were then added to the cast, with Leung cast in the role of Topher, an emergency room doctor who previously helped soldiers that were injured in battle.

The series follows the overnight shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital, where three of the doctors have a connection to the U. Jordan Alexander, Scott Clemmens, Chief Of Surgery and the hospital's administrator, Michael Ragosa. Paul Cummings works hard to emerge from the shadow of his father, a famous surgeon at Johns Hopkins. Landry de la Cruz, briefly works on the night shift. Scott Clemmens, which complicates things when Scott becomes the Chief of Surgery at the hospital and recurrently argues with TC.

After a hostage situation that ends in Topher being shot, TC has a breakdown in the ER, and Scott breaks up with Jordan when he realizes she still has feelings for TC.

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