Dating site like myyearbook

is another social dating site review that we decided to undertake.

Unlike many classic dating sites, Meet Me has an extra edge to it: it is literally about meeting people.

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However, a video selfie is a much more intimidating venture than a photo selfie, especially knowing that potential suitors will be rating that video.Still, Cook says that beta testers are having fun with the video feature and that users enjoy seeing more realistic versions of the people they’ll later meet. According to Cook, you don’t want to build a mobile app that thinks it can do everything, but rather have an app that’s really good at one thing.Yet, instead of showing you photos which may not paint a real picture, Charm shows you short, looping videos.These videos are created the same way you create Vine videos, by holding your thumb to the screen and recording. If two users like each other, Charm unlocks their chat functionality.If you’re interested in checking out Charm, head over here and download the app.

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Rather than connecting with people you know, Meet Me is meant for connecting with strangers. That way, you only use your best ones on social/dating apps.

After rebranding from My Yearbook more than a year ago, social network Meet Me is off and running on its next big adventure.

To Meet Me, this follows the app’s core mission of bringing authentic people together. The reason that pictures seem to work well on Tinder or Grindr or Ok Cupid is because it gives controlled access to users.

I can decide exactly what other users see of me, and they can make their decision to chat with me based on the limited access I give them.

It’s a Tinder meets Vine social dating play, and it’s called Charm.