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There are a lot of different ways women meet professional athletes.

This is because professional athletes have two things that most other men do not.First, they have their pick of a large array of women who literally stalk them around the country and jump on them at every possible chance.There are a lot of ladies out there on a quest to land a professional athlete.It sounds easier than it is if you really think about what it takes to get one and then think about what it takes to date and keep a professional athlete.Get Involved in Sports If you’re an athlete yourself, you may have a bigger chance at meeting and dating one.

Athletes are always getting together and living happily ever after.

Just ask them to send you a recent photo of them self with a specific color and if they can not provide an image that they are not worth it.

Dating professional athletes may be fun, adventurous and romantic, but it also takes a little more work than other relationships if you want to maintain the relationship long term.

Make him think of you and wonder what you are up to.

Make him want to know more about you, instead of throwing it all on the table right away. Men do not have time for petty fights or pouting sessions, especially professional athletes with much better things to do with their time.

Here are a couple things to take into consideration if you are dating professional athletes and would like to keep one around for awhile.