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With the formation of Lebanon and the 1948 breakup of the Syrian-Lebanese customs union, Tripoli, once on par in economic and commercial importance to Beirut, was cut off from its traditional trade relations with the Syrian hinterland and therefore declined in relative prosperity.Tripoli had a number of different names as far back as the Phoenician age.

During Ottoman rule from 1516 to 1918, it retained its prosperity and commercial importance.

Tripoli and all of Lebanon was under French mandate from 1920 until 1943, when Lebanon achieved independence.

Although snow is an extremely rare event that only occurs around once every ten years, hail is common and occurs fairly regularly in the winter.

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We have made it possible for you to block a member at any time, to report it to the administration which will do its work quickly.Tripoli has not been extensively excavated because the ancient site lies buried beneath the modern city of El Mina.However, a few accidental finds are now in museums.Evidence of settlement in Tripoli dates back as early as 1400 BCE.In the 9th century, the Phoenicians established a trading station in Tripoli and later, under Persian rule, the city became the center of a confederation of the Phoenician city states of Sidon, Tyre, and Arados Island.) is the largest city in northern Lebanon and the second-largest city in the country.