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Be surrounded by apple trees or explore bushes and find berries on a nearby farm.

It will be all the more fun because these things are delicious and you can bring them home and eat them afterward. Weekends are a great way to squeeze in some time to learn a new skill or hobby.

Weekends are always a great opportunity to bond with your partner.

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While it’s fun to have a nice dinner on a Friday and a two-day Netflix marathon on your PJs from Saturday to Sunday, sometimes it just gets tiring and boring.

Part of being in a relationship is doing things together, no matter how mundane they are, but you just really need to step things up every once in a while.

Otherwise, it’s going to be bland and you’ll get sick of the things that you do every single time.

In case you are running out of weekend date ideas, we got you covered.

Check out local volunteering events that you can join or visit an animal shelter for the day.

You can also research on happenings that are related to your personal advocacy and join one.

Singles trips are the best way to see the world and you don't need to be an adventurous single person.

Take a cruise, a ski trip, visit the castles of Europe, or choose from dozens of other vacations.

Sign up for a class together — be it a pottery class, a dance class, or even a fitness class.

Do something that the both of you are interested in or curious about.

Don’t forget to pack snacks, create that playlist with your go-to songs, and get ready for an adventure.