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There are cafes on every corner so it won’t be hard to find one. Some will be happy to chat with foreign men, others will be cold. Another great place to meet Hanoi girls during the day is at the many parks around town. You will quickly know whether the girl has any interest or not.A lot of them want to learn English and will welcome the chance to chat up foreign men. Usually malls are the best places to day game Southeast Asian girls but this country isn’t big on malls.

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The girls here just may be the sexiest in Southeast Asia, but they are also some of the hardest to score.This post can tell you some decent spots for where to meet single girls in Hanoi interested in foreign men, but don’t expect to be having casual sex too fast.Just be a nice guy (not a perv) and ask them some simple questions. Don’t expect to get laid the first time, making the first date a quick coffee date is probably the most efficient way.Then next time try dinner and some drinks and hope she agrees to come back to your place.If you approach them they may have an interest in you but be shy to try and speak with you in public.

However if you message them on Vietnam Cupid they may be more likely to reply and open to chatting.A couple shopping areas you could try out are Hanoi Square or Trang Tien Plaza.If you are in the Old Quarter then you are going to be around a good amount of nightlife and restaurants. Some good restaurants to try out are Tacos Fresh and More, Gourment Corner Restaurant, Red Bean, Bun Cha Ta or Aubergine Cafe.Casual sex doesn’t interest them, but finding a foreign husband might.Knowing a bit of the language will go a very long way.One thing you will notice when you are in this country is that sexy Hanoi ladies and foreign men don’t mingle together very much. They aren’t rude about it, but they also can’t be categorized as ‘open’ or ‘welcoming’ either.