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Arthur bit his lip as he looked over the email again.He sighed and typed out his response, that yes he would be there at seven thirty.

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"But I'm nearly done.""Don't stay too late," Arthur said and Gwen smiled."I won't. Arthur had met her before and had found her sweet and caring so he hired her. Gwen was a hard worker and always strived to do her best and made Arthur's life a lot easier.Have a good night Arthur."Arthur nodded and walked down the hallway and into the elevator. The elevator dinged and Arthur stepped out and through the glass door that led to the parking lot.They had been together two years now and Arthur would never get tired of Merlin.Arthur was kissing Merlin deeply, his tongue licking its way into Merlin mouth.Like everything Arthur owned, it was expensive, but nothing was too good for the Pendragon family, or so he had been told time and time again by his father.

It was only a twenty minute drive to his apartment and he pulled into the garage. He went straight to the kitchen, placing the case on the kitchen bench and looked around."Arthur?

That and Uther was also the mayor of Camelot so he was well known everywhere .

Arthur had been expected to one day become the mayor of Camelot.

Merlin moaned, threading his fingers through Arthur's hair and holding him close.

Arthur snaked his arms around Merlin's waist and tugged him flush against his body.

Merlin pulled away roughly and took Arthur's hand and tugged him towards the bedroom.