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Now mostly worn at summer regattas or formal garden parties, often with a ribbon in club, college or school colors. Most associated with the Ku Klux Klan, but used elsewhere in other contexts (such as the example illustrated, featuring people from Nazareno processing during Holy Week in Spain).

A warm, close-fitting tweed cap, with brims front and behind and ear-flaps that can be tied together either over the crown or under the chin.

Type 1: The Fashionista Miss Fashionista is quite self-explanatory.

This is the girl who loves shopping, dresses in fancy designers’ clothes, and yes, has a good sense of fashion.

Also known as a beaver hat, a magician's hat, or, in the case of the tallest examples, a stovepipe (or pipestove) hat. In Canada, a knitted hat, worn in winter, usually made from wool or acrylic.

A tall, flat-crowned, cylindrical hat worn by men in the 19th and early 20th centuries, now worn only with morning dress or evening dress. Also known as a woolly hat, ski cap, knit hat, knit cap, sock cap, stocking cap, toboggan, watch cap, or goobalini.

A flat-brimmed and flat-topped straw hat formerly worn by seamen.

Schools, especially public schools in the UK, might include a boater as part of their (summer) uniform.In New Zealand, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, the term "Stocking Cap" (and more recently, the misnomer "beanie") is applied to this cap. However, doing categorisation is sometimes useful (or fun) to do.Worn by both men and women and traditionally associated with France, Basque people, and the military. ] schoolgirls' uniform during the 1920s, '30s and '40s.A broad-brimmed felt hat with brim folded up and pinned front and back to create a long-horned shape. Worn by European military officers in the 1790s and, as illustrated, commonly associated with Napoleon.The tall, furry hat of the Brigade of Guards' full-dress uniform, originally designed to protect them against sword-cuts, etc.