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There, he played with several Boston punk bands on both drums and bass guitar.

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For years, Viglione has given drum lessons and collaborated with many other Boston musicians including the Gill Aharon Trio, Neovoxer Ensemble, and Reverend Glasseye.He's also given a series of drum workshops at schools around New England.In both cases, Viglione performed multiple instruments and helped shape the arrangements and sonic direction of the albums.On November 8, 2009 an official press release was issued, announcing that Viglione would be joining up with Toronto-based rock outfit, The Cliks for a small handful of shows around New England in the fall and winter of 2009.He also performed in the band's theatrical production, Addicted To Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre's 20th Century, in the US, Canada, Netherlands, and Finland.

Viglione's final performance with the group was a sold-out performance at The Grand Ball Room, NYC, for the annual HALLOWMAS 2009 gala, where amidst a sea of balloons and video projections, hundreds of fans rushed the stage during the encore.Both of my parents understood how dedicated I was to making it come true and I was very lucky to have their encouragement through all of the craziness and uncertainty of those times." Viglione played bass for a year in a and was exposed to music that played a large and influential role in his playing."I was listening to a lot of Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Black Flag, Swans, Miles Davis, Diamanda Galas, The Gun Club, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Charles Mingus, and John Coltrane records.The Dresden Dolls, The Cliks, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Nine Inch Nails, Scarlet Sails, Franz Nicolay & Major General, Botanica, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, H. A pivotal moment occurred in 1990 when Viglione's father brought him to see The Elvin Jones Jazz Machine and Viglione witnessed his first up-close exposure to the drummer who would become his principal inspiration on the instrument. In addition to his various recording and touring work, he also gives drumming workshops to help participants develop personal creativity on the instrument and has lectured at Harvard University, RISD, The Boston Day and Evening Academy, Brian Viglione was introduced to the drums by his father on Christmas Day at age five with his interest quickly deepening at age nine when rock music became a primary focus and passion.Very cathartic music that taught me a lot about the beauty of how to balance using space and aggression in music." At a Halloween party in October 2000, Viglione first met Amanda Palmer, and together they formed The Dresden Dolls after their first time playing together. In addition to playing drums, Viglione also plays guitar and bass on several Dresden Dolls songs including the first single, "Sing", from their 2006 album Yes, Virginia...