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Blocking social media sites is the same as shutting off your phones or barring email communication.

Some employees will be active on Facebook, others on Twitter, Instagram or Linked In, and some will hardly know what social media is.

Adjust your expectations for specific employees and know that every single person has a contribution to make. You’re building a team of “brand advocates” who will up your social media game.

There’s such an opportunity, especially for salespeople, to attract and engage customers online but so few companies choose to take advantage of it, many because they’re afraid of what their employees would do or say.

To win this game, train employees to use proven social media strategies.

Employees are perceived as “People like me” by your customers. They’re on the front lines with them every single day and they speak their language.

Each employee has their own unique expertise and they often bring great ideas to the content creation table. The content is richer, more well-rounded and generally met with much more engagement. To unlock the potential you have in your employees, here are seven specific, organizational components that should be embedded in your process.

Each employee knows their defined responsibilities and introducing another duty generally falls on deaf ears. What foundational moves can you make to ensure you have the best chance for success?

As you may know, 10% of Kruse Control’s profits go to animal welfare.

It takes a village to brainstorm, research, create, design and publish website and social media content.

In the real world of business operations, this is rarely achieved, especially when there’s been no training or project management tools utilized.

Establish WIIFM (what’s in it for me) with your staff.