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SPIN – Near Union Square; you probably won’t be able to have a real conversation here because of the loud music, but you’ll get to see what sort of athlete your Shadchan read to you by getting on the Ping Pong tables.

Angel’s Share – In the East Village; this is the kind of place that if you bring a date here it makes you look like you know something.

However, I am so upset about the articles that are being written (in "Dating Maze" and elsewhere) about women who have entered my age bracket. ) that the general public seems to be accepting as the word of gospel.I have seen my mother, my sister, and other women in this age range give birth with no complications to healthy children.We have known this fact long before the recent spate of articles publicizing the decline in women's fertility.In our work with hundreds of single women, we have seen the difficulties that older women face trying to conceive, and we read a tremendous amount of material on this subject than have most of our readers.Noi Due – On the Upper West Side; Noi Due has been pumping out great Italian food for years.

It’s below street level so don’t get lost when you can’t find it. Oh yeah, they don’t take reservations, so perhaps avoid Thursday & Sunday nights unless your date is prepared to wait! Wolf & Lamb – The most expensive spot on this list, and the token steak house, this was a tough call to make with Prime and Reserve Cut. Here’s your list of the best kosher places to bring a first date (or any date) after work in Manhattan.

My Most Favorite Food – Fancy café on the Upper West Side. All in all, Wolf & Lamb is a classy place that will show your date you’re serious but won’t set your date’s expectations too high for future money spending. With drink spots and food options to choose from, now picking a first date place should be the least of your concerns.

Now if only finding a date for tonight was this easy.

I never felt that stereotypical desperation to "get married and have children" the way that others have. However, I feel so devalued, passed over, and "confirmed as sterile" by a dating pool and by over-generalizing statisticians.

I am also disturbed that men who are older than me -- who have taken the time to look for a partner, due to "not being ready or emotional immaturity" -- are under the delusion that they can have any woman they choose.

Take that however you want, but this isn’t a speakeasy to miss.