Gardening gifts singles dating

Some are practical, some are funny, and others are meant to pamper—but they all have one thing in common: They're "mint" to make your beloved plant person smile. Whether you're shopping for a birthday or Mother's Day, these unique gifts for plant lovers make it easy to show that special someone (who doesn't need another pair of gardening gloves) you know what they love most.

Do keep in touch - as always, we'd love to hear how you are getting on!In the meantime, from everyone at Country Living, happy dating! This gives you the option to depart easily should you decide your date is not for you.I am looking for someone special who is ready to settle down and get married.I seek for a life partner that will enjoy our time together.We've also proved very successful at matchmaking and helping lonely hearts find true love - Country Living created the original, award-winning Farmer Wants a Wife initiative back in 1999, and, more recently, inspired the BBC2 series Love In the Countryside.

We understand that looking for a partner can seem a daunting prospect, especially for more mature singles dating in later life or for the second time around.The Gardener is a collection of all the things that Alta, through her talents and interests, has learned to enjoy and appreciate in her life—a great pair of Japanese scissors for cutting flowers, the purest bar of lavender soap, a big ceramic bowl for the kitchen to hold the season's offerings—things that before had required trips to nurseries, hardware and specialty stores.When The Gardener first opened, there had never been a collection that recognized that even the most avid gardener lives indoors.In 1987, The Gardener moved across the street to its present location, into a space more than triple the size of the original store.A second store opened in Healdsburg, California, in 1998, in a barn surrounded by a large garden.The Pitt Moss Garden Bundle Gift Set Includes: Choosing the Right Kind of Pitt Moss® for the Job, Growing Media, Organic Garden Soil, Organic Potting Mix, Organic Potting Soil, Organic Potting Soil For vegetables, Pitt Moss Product Launch!