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Our dating experts have delivered the best Guernsey dating sites and offered insightful reviews to help you when you're looking to join a new site.You can read full feature lists, see an editors pick and learn more about the overviews and membership plans!

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Local dating is great way to expand your social circles and increase your chances of finding love!

You really will get 80% more attention with a photo profile.

Once you're happy with your live profile, you can either sit back and wait guys to contact you, or you can browse single gay men local to you or from across the country.

When you join a gay dating website such as 40 Gay UK, instead of sending a personal ad in the post or leaving a jittery voice profile over the phone, you can write a realistic profile about yourself, who you'd like to meet and what experiences you'd like to share with somebody you really click with.

Don't forget to add a happy photo of yourself in a well lit room as well.With dating sites specifically designed with Guernsey singles in mind, you can enjoy getting to know the people that are in your surrounding area.Meeting up with singles on dates has never been so easy and you'll be delighted to discover new places with new people!Just a few of our member benefits*: Before we were given the miracle of the Internet, we were stuck with either meat market telephone dating services or ant sized personal ads in local newspapers or a national magazine.Since the Internet arrived, we've been spoilt for choice of which website or dating app to use to find that special genuine somebody.But how many of those gay dating sites or apps are tailored for mature guys like you?