Girl dating younger guy

I’ve even heard “really, don’t you think you should study something more useful in college? Ladies, all I can say is that younger men do not say stupid things like this (they say other stupid things but that’s not the point).

Younger men know better than to tell you who to be (mostly because they haven’t figured out who they are yet).

This guy will take you to all the parties, he knows all the hippest hangouts and he will be the first to introduce you to the “in” crowd.Younger guys are much cooler than we are, ladies, let’s face it. If you happen to get the right younger guy (and I will talk about the wrong ones soon) he will treat you like gold.Not only will he brag to his friends that he got a woman, but he got an OLDER woman (which means you know a lot more about sex than his friend's girlfriends).My ex-boyfriend was twelve years younger than me and whenever we met any of his friends I will tell you that the girls were jealous and the guys always asked if he was with me (in case the answer was “no” so they could ask me out).In fact, that is the last thing on his mind as you’re getting to know each other.

I am one of those women who are certain that a minivan and two point five kids are not for her.The answer is a little more complicated than you might think.I’ve dated both younger and older men, and I will be the first to tell you 10 reasons why younger guys are much better to be with.An older man knows how to pleasure a woman because he’s experienced. Older guys are set in their ways and that same old routine is almost a guarantee. Whenever my ex boy-toy (yes, he was just a plaything) got drunk, he could last for hours! Not only is this great sex, but it’s also a huge ego boost.The one thing I love most about younger men is that they are open minded.Older guys are usually in a hurry to get married and have kids, or they at least have the rest of their lives planned out in a nice little timeline (your life included).