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The Sims: Hot Date, released on November 14, 2001, is the third expansion pack for The Sims.

It introduced community lots to the series, making it the first instance where players are able to play their Sims on lots other than the Sim's home lot.

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The main character was a girl who would pick flowers for her boyfriend, with the strategy being based around when to pick them for an appropriate bouquet, as well as various obstacles on her way.The following year, the unknown company JAST created what looks much more like one of today’s mainstream dating sims.One of the most successful dating simulation series began soon after, in 1994.“Tokimeki Memorial” (“Heartbeat Memorial”) was created by Konami, who are particularly famous for works like “Metal Gear Solid,” and “Dance Dance Revolution.” Since then, they have made a slew of games, released ports for everything from computers to mobile phones, and even produced an anime in 2006. Indeed, the hero who saves the damsel in distress had become the fantasy many gamers wanted to live out in their video games.

They could make mistakes without real risk, while feeling the accomplishment of completing their task.In 1984, Sega created the first video game which entailed even a remote semblance of “dating.” The game was called “Girl’s Garden,” and it was only released in Japan.It was essentially an item-collection adventure game.Unlike the had over a decade of sequels and various ports, as well as some brief stints as a TV show.And though ELF didn’t gain immense fame because of these games, they were certainly successful enough to keep the series going for so many sequels.On the way, that meant getting on the good side of people around the school, including her friends.